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FMG Faculty Student Council

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is elected annually by and from among students of the Faculty of Social an Behavioural Sciences (FMG). FMG encompasses the study programmes Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Communication Science, Behaviour and Society, Educational Sciences, Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning as well as the follow-on Master’s stages of these study programmes.

Regular meetings

The main aim of the FSC is to promote the interests of the faculty’s students. The council tries to achieve this goal in a number of ways, such as holding meetings with the dean, the head of the faculty. In those meetings the council critically analyses faculty policy and proposes suggestions to benefit student interests. 

The FSC also regularly consults with the programme committees. These are opportunities for its student members to offer advice on the quality of teaching at the study programme level, to exchange information and join forces. We work as a team to tackle problems encountered in the faculty’s various study programmes. 

Finally, the FSC maintains close ties with the Central Student Council (CSC), which is the university-wide student participation body. The CSC deals with matters that affect the entire UvA and not just the individual faculties. The CSC can also channel problems occurring at the faculty level through to the UvA’s highest policymaking body: the Executive Board.



The FSC provides students with an opportunity to participate in discussions on the quality of study programmes and the decisions taken at the faculty. The FSC has a number of rights, which can be classified under its right of consultation and its right of approval. The right of consultation means that the FSC must be consulted when certain decisions are made and must be given an opportunity to voice an opinion. While its opinion is not binding, it must be factored into the decision-making process. The right of approval means that the FSC’s approval is required for policy to become legal and therefore binding. The FSC has the right to approve study programme and examination regulations, which are reformulated each year in May. 

Every week the FSC holds a plenary session to discuss day-to-day issues and review current developments. 
If you would like to know more about the work of the Faculty Student Council or if you have suggestions or complaints with respect to the UvA as a whole or your own study programme, get in touch and make your voice heard!

Visiting address

FMG Student Council
Amsterdam Roeterseiland Campus 
Buidling B/C/D, room D2.00 
Nieuwe Achtergracht 127 
1018 WS Amsterdam 
Tel: 020-5256347 

Postal address

FMG Student Council 
PO Box 15562
1001 NB Amsterdam