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The PPLE curriculum is designed to educate students both in broad integrative areas like ethics, inter-cultural awareness, social responsibility, communication and collaboration, and in specialisations in Politics, Psychology, Law or Economics.

Lectures and Tutorials

The first year academic core consists of methodological and interdisciplinary courses to help you foster a broad mindset and grounding in the disciplines. In the second and third years, you continue with some interdisciplinary courses, but add modules from your chosen specialisation, as well as elective courses.

Each core course in the first year consists of a large group lecture and a smaller group tutorial on the same subject. Both lectures and tutorials meet twice per week for a total of eight contact hours per course.

Integrative seminars

At the end of each semester, you will apply what you have learned to a real-life problem or issue in an intensive, month-long integrative seminar. The seminar topic will correspond with the themes of the semester and give you a chance to think and act creatively and collaboratively.

Personal and professional development workshops

Personal and professional development workshops are an integral part of the first-year curriculum. The workshops topics range from self-awareness to effective communication.


At the end of the first year, you will choose one of the four PPLE disciplines as a specialisation.