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What is your study programme?

Curriculum and electives

Last modified on 01-08-2022
Every curriculum consists of compulsory and optional components. Most Bachelor's and a number of Master's programmes allow you to take elective courses. Perhaps you'd like to immerse yourself in a different field of study to your main programme, at the UvA or even at another university. Or maybe you'd like to do an internship or study abroad. Find out what the options are.
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What is your study programme?
  • The structure of your curriculum and your academic planYour academic plan provides insight into your currriculum, your elective space and your study progress. It helps you to plan your studies and to organise your electives.
  • Elective space: the options and rulesYour elective space offers you the opportunity to deepen or broaden your study programme. Each programme has different options and rules for filling in your elective space.
  • Choosing a minorA minor is a predefined set of courses about a certain topic. With a minor you can broaden or deepen your study programme or focus on a subject that's completely different.
  • Internship during your programmeThis page tells you whether you must or can do an internship during your study at the UvA and how to arrange and record this.