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Worldwide Summer Schools with U21

Last modified on 06-02-2023
Learn a new language, broaden or deepen your academic knowledge, or discover a new city with the summer schools of the global university network U21. Applications are open!Apply here for scholarships for U21 summer schools!
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What is your study programme?

In brief

The goal of the global university network Universitas 21 (U21) is to contribute to a more inclusive study abroad community. U21 includes 27 universities all around the world, most of which offer summer programmes. U21 is designed to inform and support student development, enhancing their ability to work together in broader communities.

You can find the summer school offer on the list of partner universities (pdf). Did you find an interesting programme? Then apply to the host institution directly, and apply separately for the U21 Summer School Scholarship through the University of Amsterdam.

Get informed

Why the U21 Summer School?

Are you struggling to afford to study abroad through an internship, research project, or exchange programme? Or do you have other concerns preventing you from going on exchange for an extended period of time? The U21 summer scholarship will allow you to gain an affordable, yet meaningful international experience.

Have you always wanted to study outside of Europe, while a semester exchange is not an option for you? The 27 universities in the U21 alliance are spread all over the world! Visit Australia, China, South Africa, South Korea, the US, and more! You can choose the courses and the dates, which differ per course, yourself.

Practical matters


  • You are enrolled at the University of Amsterdam throughout the programme.
  • You cannot apply for a U21 scholarship if you want to do a summer school in the Netherlands.
  • We especially encourage students with limited access to study abroad to apply, such as first-generation college students, students with caregiving responsibilities, safety and health concerns, students who are underserved or have financial difficulties, or students who experience other barriers to study abroad.


  • The UvA offers you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to cover (part of) the costs (such as the application fee, registration fee, accommodation, meals, and visa, etc.)
  • The UvA will transfer the amount after the programme is finished, so prepare to pay ahead! If this is a problem for you, please let us know.
  • To be eligible for the scholarship, you must participate in the full summer programme. Most summer programmes have a full-time course load. However, study load depends on the programme.
  • The costs of a summer school differ per programme.
  • The amount of the scholarship depends on whether you choose a virtual or physical programme:
    • Physical programme: you will receive a scholarship of 2000 euros. With this you can pay for (part of) the programme and, in some cases, (if the registration fees are lower than 2000 euros) also part of your accommodation.
    • Virtual programme: you can apply for a scholarship to reimburse registration fees up to a maximum of 2000 euros.

How to apply

  • Apply hereExternal link! Applications for scholarships for U21 summer schools are open now and close in April or May 2023 (TBA). It is your responsibility to apply to the host institution directly.
  • In most cases, it is possible to transfer your credits earned during your summer school to the UvA. This will depend on the host university, as well as your current curriculum at the UvA. Make sure to contact your study advisor to inform you about the possibilities, and always request permission from the Examination Board.


Office of International Student Affairs

Do you have general question about studying abroad or about which courses to follow during your exchange? Contact your International Office

Have you already been placed in the Global Exchange Programme or do you have a question about one of our other short international programmes? Contact us.

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