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Do you have an idea for a social project? Then the Student Impact Centre (SIC) is the right party.
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What is your study programme?

The SIC is there for the more than 7,000 Faculty of Science students who want to get involved by linking social issues to social projects within education. In doing so, the SIC focuses mainly on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and opportunity inequality in (higher) education.

The SIC provides guidance by connecting you with the right people or organisations, referring you to relevant courses or workshops and advising you on finding financial resources. This is called community service learning. In addition, the SIC provides an elective course for master's students: Science Connect. In Science Connect, you use your academic background to solve a social problem.

Why get involved in society?  

By developing and implementing social projects, you develop skills and gain experiences that normally receive little attention. Analytical and critical thinking are essential when solving social problems, but it also requires creativity and content knowledge from a variety of angles. Inherent in project education that connects to a social problem is the cooperation between people from different disciplines and cultures. In doing so, this type of education also stimulates communicative and intercultural skills.

Example of SIC projects:

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The SIC was founded in 2019 and is an initiative that stems from a joint ECHO application from the Faculty of Science and Diversity Talks. It is currently being continued through a contribution from the quality funds.