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Secure your smartphone or tablet

Last modified on 19-02-2024 15:50
Follow the steps below to make sure your smartphone/tablet is well protected.
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Set up a strong password

Depending on your phone/laptop’s capabilities, set up a strong password (one that you do not use on any other account or device and has at least 12 characters), an access code (preferably six characters) or a pattern lock. A password is the safest option and a pattern lock is the least safe, because it is easy to spy on through “shoulder surfing”. 

Alternatively, you can set up a biometric lock. In case this does not work, you should also set up a password, access code or pattern lock as well.

Set up automatic screen locking

Make sure your screen locks automatically when you are not using your phone or tablet. It should preferably lock directly, and in any case within five minutes.

Keep your software up to date

Keep the software on your phone and tablet up to date.

Switch on the functions to find and lock your phone remotely

Switch on your smartphone’s location sharing function, so that you can find it again when you have lost it. If you believe that your smartphone has been stolen (or that you will be unable to find it again), you can use the location sharing function to lock your phone remotely and erase your personal data. 

Immediately change your UvAnetID password (and the passwords of your other accounts) when your phone is lost or stolen.

Tips on using your smartphone/tablet securely

  • Do not store any confidential data on your phone or tablet.
  • Before you install an app, always check its reliability.
  • Never jailbreak your device. If you do, your device’s manufacturer will no longer be able to guarantee that your device is secure.
  • Never use unsecured Wi-Fi networks (in trains or bars). Use your own data bundle (4G). If you still want to use free public Wi-Fi, always log in using a secure VPN connection


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