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What is your study programme?

Paying with your student ID card

Last modified on 31-10-2023 16:35
You can use the credit on your student ID card to pay at all UvA canteens, library counters and vending machines. (At the coffee and candy machines, you pay with your bank card.)
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What is your study programme?

You will need to activate your student ID card before you can use it. If you do not yet have a student ID card, apply for one now

Topping up your card

You can top up the balance on your student ID card on the myNetPayExternal link website. You can also top up your card at the charging points in the UvA and AUAS buildings. Topping up at the top-up points is free of charge. You can only top up your credit using a foreign bank card or credit card if it has been linked to a PayPal account.

The credit on your card

Want to know how much credit you have on your card? You can check on myNetPayExternal link or at one of the charging points.

Encountering any issues with your student ID card?

Is your card malfunctioning or are you unable to top up your student ID card? Perhaps you bought something in the canteen and found that your card had been charged twice? If you are experiencing any issues with your student ID card, please contact the Facility Services Service Desk.

Charging points

You can find charging points at these UvA locations.


Facility Services

Facility Services arranges various facilities on campus. For example, you can go there for questions about the student card, reserving rooms or facilities related to events.

Contact details