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Environmental Justice Clinic

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Through the Amsterdam Law clinics, Master's students get the opportunity to work on cases of public interest on behalf of clients.
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The Environmental Justice Clinic offers a unique opportunity for our Master's students with an interest in sustainability, (international) environmental law and human rights law to engage in pro bono research for external clients.

The Environmental Justice Clinic encourages you to think critically about the functions of law in society and the possibility of making positive changes to contribute to society as a lawyer. The clinic offers pro bono services to individuals and (nongovernmental) organisations such as Word Wide Fund for Nature.

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Clinical work

Clinical work consists of projects undertaken for clients for which the students conduct legal research, provide legal advice and draft legal documents. The clinical work is conducted in a team of 3-5 students with regular meetings with supervisors and clients. Emphasis is placed on professionalism, high quality work, teamwork, and respect for confidentiality.

Projects worked on by the Environmental Justice Clinic

Examples of projects the Environmental Justice Clinic has worked on include:

  • Research into the judicial possibilities of addressing the de damage done to public health by pesticide use in the Netherlands.
  • Research for the composition of case documentation for the Haagse Bomenstichting.
  • In conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature students researched possibilities for the incorporation of the safeguarding of human rights into a broader context of ecological integrity. Special attention was given to the upcoming transnational development 'Rights of Nature', in which the legal individuality and the enforceable rights of an increasing amount of natural entities, including rivers, mountains and forests, are recognised.
Looking back, aside from the unique opportunity of working in a meaningful project with a real client, what made this experience memorable was the joint effort to provide creative solutions for legal questions- a challenge which I encourage all law students to welcome.
Dorothy PugaBusiness & Human Rights Clinic, 2020/2021

Contact us

For any questions regarding the Environmental Justice Clinic, please e-mail us at amsterdamlawclinics@uva.nlExternal link or contact Laura BurgersExternal link.

Requirements, eligibility and application

The Environmental Justice Clinic is in principle open for all Master's students of the Amsterdam Law School.

Further requirements are:

  • You are available at least 10 hours per week in a semester;
  • You have a strong work ethic, excellent communication and writing skills and a genuine interest in (international) environmental law, human rights law and/or civil law.

Check out the specifics on how to apply.

The work in the clinic connected me with like-minded people. It tested my legal knowledge as I had to apply it to a real, relevant project, but also pushed me to think outside the box and gain knowledge in disciplines other than law. Moreover, it gave me an insight into what the professional life of an international lawyer could look like, which is valuable for every student starting their career.
Elena LazicBusiness & Human Rights Clinic, 2020/2021

Contact former clinic students

If you're interested in more hands-on information about participating in a clinic and experiences from former Environmental Justice Clinic students, we can bring you in contact former students. Send an e-mail to amsterdamlawclinics@uva.nlExternal link and we will provide you with the relevant contact information.

What our alumni say about the Amsterdam Law Clinics:

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