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Academic calender

Last modified on 01-08-2022
In the academic calendar you will find an overview of all education days, holidays and examination periods. Some studies and faculties use their own academic calendar.
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General UvA academic calendar:

Academic Calendar 2021-2022 (pdf)

Academic Calendar 2022-2023 (pdf)

Public holidays (UvA closed) 2021-2022

The UvA will be closed from 27 December 2021 to 2 January 2022.

  • Friday 15 April - Easter Friday
  • Monday 18 april - Easter Monday
  • Wednesday 27 april - King's Day
  • Thursday 5 May - Liberation Day
  • Friday 6 May - Collective day off UvA
  • Thursday 26 May - Ascension Day
  • Friday 27 May - Collective day off UvA
  • Mon 6 June - Whit Monday