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Presentation Master's thesis - Juliët Appel - clinical developmental psychology

Last modified on 03-06-2024 16:42
Auditory Advantage: Exploring Audio-Learning's Effects on Academic Performance and Insights into the Role of Motivation and ADHD
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14-06-2024 11:00
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14-06-2024 12:00

Roeterseilandcampus - Building G, Street: Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B Room: GS.04

Samenvatting This study explored the effect of audio-learning on academic performance among first-year university students, focusing on the mediating role of motivation and the moderating role of ADHD. The sample consisted of 207 participants from the Brain & Cognition course at the University of Amsterdam. The study found no direct relationship between audio-learning and academic performance, and motivation did not mediate this relationship. However, audio-learning did have a direct effect on motivation. Additionally, ADHD did not moderate the effect of audio-learning on motivation. However, exploratory analyses revealed that reading effort significantly mediated the effect of audio-learning on academic performance. These findings suggest that while audio-learning may not directly improve academic performance, it can promote engagement behaviors, such as increased reading effort, which are essential for academic performance. The results highlight the potential of audio-learning as a supplementary educational tool and the need for further research to optimize its implementation and effectiveness across diverse educational contexts and student populations.