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Join the winter edition of the Library's UB Dinner

Last modified on 17-01-2024 15:04
On Tuesday, 23 January, the UB Dinner is back. An enjoyable one-hour meal with fellow students, where you'll also gain some knowledge about the Library's collection of cookbooks. In this edition, the meal is inspired by the theme 'Student Fare.' Afterward, you can return to your studies with renewed energy. The costs for the UB dinner are 5 euros.
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23-01-2024 18:30
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23-01-2024 19:30

What's on the menu?

The chef presents two student dishes: Stamppot Marieke – a vegetable fusion with a fruity twist – and a vegetarian nut mince.

Win the Student Cookbook

Students at Library's special dinner.
Students at Library's special dinner. Image: Marta Adsarias

During this UB Dinner, we briefly reflect on the 'StudentenkookboekExternal link' by Berty van Essen. This cookbook has seen an impressive 29 editions, and Allard Pierson curator Charlotte Kleyn will briefly share more about this successful cookbook. Additionally, during the short quiz, you have the chance to win the 'Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook.'


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