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From good intentions to good deeds

Last modified on 21-12-2023 13:24
Are you motivated to make our planet a more sustainable, healthy and/or beautiful? And would you like to make that your work? Then join us for this workshop!
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Start date
15-01-2024 12:30
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15-01-2024 15:00

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After your studies, it is time to enter 'the real' world. A place where human, animal and planetary principles tend to fade into the background, especially when finding a suitable job in the short term does not succeed. After all, money has to be earned to cover your expenses, right?

We will start the workshop with a lunch. In the interactive workshop under the guidance of coach Toine, you will work on your good intentions. We'll look at where they come from, and how they can move you and the world forward. At the end you will leave with a personal progression plan, with which you can make our planet a little more beautiful in your own way.

About the coach

Toine Wilke (1986) is an impact entrepreneur, sustainability teacher, surfer and TEDx speaker. He started cooking with seaweed in Ireland and sold his products in 1200 supermarkets. Surfed high waves, but also experienced deep valleys. The lessons he took from that, now he generously shares with others to create a fantastic and meaningful life.

This workshop is part of the Well-being Week 2024