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What is your study programme?

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Achieve your optimal focus during the Online Study Space's hybrid study sessions. The collaborative sessions, called Study-SOS, take place in the University Library Singel. Start: 20 March.
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What is your study programme?
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20-03-2023 10:00
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31-03-2023 22:00

Achieve your optimal focus during the exam period with the Online Study Space's hybrid study sessions. The collaborative study sessions, called Study-SOS, take place from 10:00 to 22:00 under the guidance of a student host. The guided sessions are both online in the usual MsTeams environment and physically in the University Library Singel. Starting date is 20 March. Apply now via the online form. 

To prepare you, you will receive a wake-up e-mail half an hour before each study session. At the beginning of each study session, concrete and realistic goals are set on which to evaluate each time. The host provides a distraction-free environment in which you work on your goals in a focused way. 

What a session looks like 

The study session is hybrid, meaning we hold the study session both physically in a classroom and online. Online, the session is a meeting in Teams where all (physical and online) students are on mute and have their camera on. In the classroom, there is a camera, so the students connecting online are also involved in the physical venue.

 The session follows a the study program of the Study-SOS. When it is time to start, the door closes and a sign is placed in front of the door so that other students do not walk in during a study block, but during breaks.  

Studying together and on your own

Never participated in Online Study Room study sessions before? Sign up and experience the benefits:

- You maintain a healthy study rhythm during long study days.

- The social aspect is central through shared breaks between study blocks. You are not alone during the stressful exam period.


Working on a paper or thesis? Information specialists will be around on location to offer help with finding sources and citations. Staff from the writing centre (Schrijfcentrum) will also come by every afternoon to support you with structure and text-related questions. 


- What: guided study sessions 

- For whom: students with an approaching deadline 

- Dates: Monday 20 March to Friday 31 March (including weekends) 

- Times: 10:00 to 22:00  

- Where: online in Teams or physically in University Library Singel 425, hybrid room C1.01 


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