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Lecture: Sea The Future of Our Food

Last modified on 07-02-2023 11:28
How can we use seaweed to make a real sustainable impact? And with which algae can we grow old healthily?
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Start date
10-02-2023 16:00
End date
10-02-2023 17:00

PC Hoofthuis, room 1.04 (Spuistraat 134, 1012 VB Amsterdam)

This event is the first of a three-part series on seaweed as food of the future. With an introductory lecture, 'The Seaweed Man' Toine Wilke will take his audience into the wonderful world of the 10,000 different seaweed species and talks about sustainable food solutions of the future.

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In the continuation of the series, you will get to work with seaweed yourself: on 3 April with a cooking workshop and on 9 June with a seaweed walk on Scheveningen beach. Keep an eye on the student newsletter for more information and the possibility to sign up for these events.