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Beyond A-Z: A Library story with an open end

Last modified on 27-09-2022 12:46
The exhibition will open with the film 'The name of the Rose' and a lecture by Medieval History expert Frans Camphuijsen. Location: University Library
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Start date
29-09-2022 19:00
End date
29-09-2022 22:00

The pop-up exhibition 'Beyond A-Z' will open on 29 September. The exhibition presents the University Library in the broadest sense of the word, taking you through treasures from our collection and the magic of searching and finding into the art of collecting and preserving. Although a major part is given over to the Library’s origins, we also show how information is collected, stored, managed and selected in the Library today. Meet our information specialists and regular visitors who highlight their favourite material from the collection and look to the future with us: from papyrus rolls to data mining. As the opening event for the exhibition, we will show the film 'The name of the Rose' on 29 September.


The world-famous film 'The name of the Rose', based on the bestseller by Umberto Ecco, stars Sean Connery as a medieval Sherlock Holmes who tries to solve a murder mystery in a monumental 14th-century library.

Frans Camphuijsen, a lecturer in Medieval History at UvA will discuss the theme of the exhibition and reflect on the historical connotations of the film.

As an extension of the pop-up exhibition, there is a public programme featuring various activities such as films from the FilmclUB’s collection. 'All the President's Men' and 'The Ninth Gate' are two examples of films which will be shown and accompanied by explanations from various UvA lecturers.

Exhibition can be seen until 2024

Beyond A-Z can be visited until 2024. The exhibition will periodically change emphasis thus enriching visitors’ experiences.


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