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House rules and code of conduct

At the UvA, and on our campuses, we treat each other with respect - within our work and study environments as well as special activities such as events.

Everyone feels comfortable when we are not inconvenienced by each other and when we respect each other's presence, as well as each other's properties or those of the UvA. All UvA campuses and buildings are smoke-free. There is no room for drug use and alcohol consumption is regulated.

In some areas additional rules apply, these are listed in that specific section.

In and around the buildings

The buildings, the spaces and facilities therein or associated with them, and the grounds can only ne used for their intended purpose: for education, research and all related activities. It is not allowed to bring and use private kettles, coffee machines, sandwich makers, etc. in the office and other work spaces or in the pantries.

Report something or ask a question

You can contact the receptionist or security guard if you have questions, experience nuisance or for lost/found items.


All UvA campuses and buildings are smoke-free. Since 1 August 2020 all educational institutions in the Netherlands have been smoke-free. This applies to everyone who uses the buildings and locations, including students, employees and visitors. We ask smokers to also observe this rule in the vicinity of the campus and not to cause nuisance for local residents. 


The UvA has a new alcohol policy since June 2021. The focus is on discouraging alcohol consumption at the university. Alcohol will continue to be available on campus, but the new policy requires caterers, campus hospitality and event organisers to offer attractive non-alcoholic alternatives. In the coming years, the UvA will also pay attention to raising awareness of the consequences of problematic or excessive alcohol consumption and offering help to heavy drinkers.

Clean and tidy

To ensure that our campus environments stay clean, tidy and liveable for everyone, please leave your work or study place clean and park bicycle, scooter or car in the designated areas. It is not permitted to make changes on doors, windows and walls. Posters and other information material can be put up on the assigned wall notice boards.

Escape routes

For everyone's safety it is imperative that escape routes are kept clear at all times.

Opening hours

All buildings and facilities are accessible during opening hours. The sites are open to the public, parts of them may be closed at some times.

Events and distributing information

Not permitted are expressions of a cultural, political and/or religious nature or with commercial purposes and the organization of activities and/or the distribution of written or oral information with the above purpose, such as putting up posters, handing out flyers, submitting magazines or placing stands.

Under certain conditions the following is allowed:

  • Making video and sound recordings. You need prior approval for this. Please contact the Facility Services event coordinator for this. See film and photography at the UvA.
  • Organizing events. Please contact the Facility Services event coordinator in advance. See Event coordination (facility support).
  • Flyering and similar activities for education and research related topics. Please contact the Facility Services event coordinator in advance. See film and photography at the UvA.


In the event of nuisance or violation of the law, the UvA can deny access to work, education or building/facility/site in accordance with the collective labour agreement, WHW or current legislation.

During enforcement, clothing and accessories should not hinder identification.

House rules and Code of Conduct

The 'UvA-wide framework for house rules and code of conduct for UvA buildings, facilities and sites' outlines how this safe and agreeable environment is created and maintained.

House rules and Code of Conduct for Roeterseiland Campus

Below you can find the house rules and code of conduct that are specifically applicable to the Roeterseiland Campus.