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For current information about the demonstrations, see uva.nl/protestsExternal link

Roeterseiland Campus

UvA buildings will reopen on Thursday, 16 May

Published on 15-05-2024 13:29
The UvA will open its buildings again on Thursday, 16 May so that lectures, research and other work can resume.
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As you’ve all probably read about and seen, peaceful protests on the Roeterseiland Campus were hijacked last Monday by strangers bent on destruction, and causing dangerous situations. As a result, UvA buildings remained closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for everyone’s safety. Today we were faced with the decision of whether the UvA can safely open again, which was not an easy choice.

Teaching and research must be allowed to take place again. At the same time, it’s essential that we keep talking to each other about feelings of anger and powerlessness, as well as about the war in Gaza.

In the coming period we’ll continue the internal discussion on the ethical framework and collaboration with external parties in three steps: sharpen, test, decide. We will do this in the coming weeks, in close consultation with everyone involved.

We call on everyone to contribute to (internal) calm - in the interests of all students and staff. Let us all continue to listen, give each other the freedom to ask questions freely and be critical, be curious and debate. With respect for everyone's input, background and beliefs and free from intolerance. Demonstrations are also allowed - but without face coverings, blockades, overnight stays or intimidation. 

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Visit uva.nl/protestsExternal link for more information regarding last week's demonstrations and the current situation on campus. 

What is the UvA doing for students who feel unsafe? 

In the event of an immediate physical threat or emergency

Call security: 020 525 2222

This number is not intended for general, non-urgent questions about safety.

Questions and concerns

There are different people you can approach, such as a study adviser, a student psychologist or a confidential adviser. Go to information and contact details.

Finally, talks are organised at various places within the UvA where there is an opportunity to discuss recent events. Keep an eye on the calendar