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The Library will close on Saturday, 18 May at 17:00

Published on 17-05-2024 22:00
All UvA buildings open on Saturdays will close at 17:00 on 18 May.
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What is your study programme?

As a precaution, all university buildings, including the Library, will close at 17::00 on Saturday, 18 May. We regret this inconvenience for our students who wanted to use the Library as a study space before exams. However, we want to emphasise that our priority is maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff.

This decision follows the recent occupation of the Oudemanhuispoort on Friday by a small group of activists. While the university had initially intended to file a report, the situation was resolved with the activists voluntarily departing - the occupation ended by 17:30.

Fortunately, no damage was done, and we are glad that the activists left peacefully of their own accord. The UvA aims to provide space for protest and demonstrations, but occupying buildings, setting up tent camps and wearing face coverings are not allowed.

We hope to continue the dialogue, respecting everyone's opinions and being open to each other's concerns and feelings.

Frequently asked questions 

Visit uva.nl/protestsExternal link for more information regarding last week's demonstrations and the current situation on campus. 

What is the UvA doing for students who feel unsafe? 

In the event of an immediate physical threat or emergency

Call security: 020 525 2222

This number is not intended for general, non-urgent questions about safety.

Questions and concerns

There are different people you can approach, such as a study adviser, a student psychologist or a confidential adviser. Go to information and contact details.

Finally, talks are organised at various places within the UvA where there is an opportunity to discuss recent events. Keep an eye on the calendar