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Constructive dialogue started

Published on 24-05-2024
After two turbulent weeks, this week has been marked by dozens of constructive conversations: the administration (deans and Executive Board) with students and staff, staff in team meetings or departmental meetings, for example, and students with student advisers.
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Sometimes these were emotional conversations with colleagues who are worried, and some intense discussions took place. It was encouraging to see that the route to discussion has been reestablished.

This week was also the first meeting in a series of ‘Campus Dialogue lunch sessions’, organised by the Central Diversity Office. The next session is on Thursday, 30 May for which you can still register.

Upcoming Campus Dialogues:

Many more conversations will take place at the faculties in the near future, after the exam week in particular. If you would like to engage in a conversation yourself, please check how you can do this with your study programme or faculty. Students and staff can also participate in an online walk-in hour to talk about the impact of the events on work and study. The schedule of roundtable discussions on the ‘ethical framework for collaboration with third parties’ will follow.

Peaceful protests

In recent days, students protested at the Faculty of Science (FNWI) and Amsterdam University College (AUC). A tent and some banners were set up at Science Park. The protests were calm and peaceful and the dean and vice-dean of the FNWI faculty also spoke to students during this protest. By mutual agreement, the students left at the end of the day. 


In many of the conversations held, questions were asked about the course of events. At uva.nl/en/current/protests/faqs-protests.htmlExternal link you can find more information about the demonstrations and the current situation on campus.  

What is the UvA doing for students who feel unsafe? 

In the event of an immediate physical threat or emergency

Call security: 020 525 2222

This number is not intended for general, non-urgent questions about safety.

Questions and concerns

There are different people you can approach, such as a study adviser, a student psychologist or a confidential adviser. Go to information and contact details.

Finally, talks are organised at various places within the UvA where there is an opportunity to discuss recent events. Keep an eye on the calendar