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More reports of undesirable behaviour: growing awareness

Published on 05-07-2023
The number of students reporting undesirable behaviour is increasing. As crazy as it sounds, that is a positive development. Ombudsperson Samera Ouchene: ‘We suspect that students are submitting more reports because awareness about undesirable behaviour has grown.'
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'We’ll obviously continue to foster desirable behaviour and invest in prevention. However, it’s important that students are familiar with the options for reporting the behaviour and seeking help if things do go wrong.’

Number of reports likely to rise further

In 2022, 36 students made a report to the ombudsperson: less than 0.1% of all UvA students. A total of 98 students made a report to the confidential advisers. Samera expects these numbers to increase further in 2023: ‘We know from the Student Monitor and national research that many more students experience undesirable behaviour.’

Do you know where to turn if you experience undesirable behaviour?

When do you see your study adviser or student counsellor? When do you contact a confidential adviser? And what do you contact the ombudsperson for? Find more information on help with undesirable behaviour on this website. You can also read the UvA’s Code of Conduct (pdf).

What are the reports about?

At the UvA, we see that female students experience undesirable behaviour more often than male students, and international students experience undesirable behaviour more often than Dutch students. The majority of the reports are about aggression and harassment, sexually transgressive behaviour or becoming mired in regulations, procedures and policies.

You can find more information in the ombudsperson’s annual report (pdf) and the annual report of the confidential advisers (pdf).