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Microsoft to introduce extra step at login

Published on 11-02-2023 01:03
Starting on 27 February, there will be an extra step for login and approval using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone: entering a two-digit code.
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This is a security measure that Microsoft is implementing on all its apps worldwide, so you will also see it when you log in to services like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Hackers are increasingly bombarding users with requests in the hope that an unsuspecting user will grant them access. Entering the code will help to prevent you from approving a login via the Authenticator app out of habit. This extra step will be introduced on 27 February. 

Logging in 

Not all logins require approval. When you are asked to approve your login, follow the steps below. The process is simple.

  • Log in using your email address as usual, pick up your phone and open the Authenticator app.
  • A two-digit code will then appear on your screen. Enter the code on your phone and confirm.

Do you use the call method? 

If you are unable to use the Authenticator app, the call method will still be possible to complete this extra step. You will be called and can then enter the code on your phone’s keypad to approve your login.  

More info

Click through to read more about using Microsoft 365 apps and two-factor authentication free of charge. 


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