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Keep hackers out: update software immediately

Published on 20-11-2023 14:00
Imagine you're deep into your work when a software update notification appears. You may be tempted to continue working, but it's better to update your software immediately. Your software will be more secure and updates boost the speed of your laptop, smartphone and tablet. They also give access to the latest features. Remember to update all your other internet-connected devices as well.
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Software updates improve security

Updates frequently include 'security patches' that mend vulnerabilities in the software. Ignoring these updates makes it easier for criminals to breach your computer's operating system.

Hackers scan the internet for devices with outdated software

Cybercriminals can identify vulnerabilities addressed by software updates through online forums and databases. They then scour the internet to find devices with outdated software.

Ignoring software updates = inviting hackers in

If criminals know which devices are vulnerable, they can infiltrate them, introduce viruses or ransomware and subsequently spread the infection to other devices on your Wi-Fi network. Bringing an infected device to your workplace co uld compromise and even hijack your organisation's network.

Access to your personal data

Furthermore, by neglecting to update your device's software, criminals can gain access to any personal data on those devices. For example, they could discern your presence at home through your smart thermostat. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly update the software on all your internet-connected devices, including your computer, laptop, tablet, browsers, smart refrigerator, smart TV and smart doorbell.

So, the next time you receive a pop-up for a software update, take a momentary break and install the update immediately. This ensures you can continue working safely.

Tip: set up automatic updates for all your devices

Many devices automatically notify you to perform an update. However, this is not always preconfigured for all devices. You can often set up automatic updates yourself. Doing so will ensure you receive notifications when updates are available, or they'll be downloaded and installed in the background.
For more information on automatically updating your smart devices, visit veilinginternetten.nl/doejeupdatesExternal link .

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