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lock your screen sticker

Lock your screen

Published on 24-10-2022
The fourth week of Security Month is dedicated to the importance of locking your computer screen, or 'Lock your screen!' When you see a non-locked screen... Place the sticker! Have you spotted them yet?
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Lock your screen

Students regularly 'walk away' from their study spaces without locking their computer screens, for example to get coffee. Even if they are working with sensitive data. A common argument: 'It's only for a moment.' However, this is a bad habit that we need to unlearn so that our UvA is and remains a safe place to study. To draw attention to this, static stickers have been developed.

The sticker campaign

The idea is for you to use the screen stickers to remind your fellow student that locking your computer screen is important. The static sticker (without glue) contains this message: 'Lock your screen. Everyone is watching you'. So, do you see a screen that is not locked? Then place the sticker on the screen or keyboard and help keep our study environment safe. You can find the stickers in displays on strategic spots where a lot of students come toether, in the libraries for example.

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