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Honours programme

Honours Programme

Are you a talented student and do you wish to develop your talents comprehensively? Register for the Honours programme.

  • The University of Amsterdam offers a Honours programme of 30 ECTS, spread over five semesters.
  • The Honours programme is meant for highly motivated students who are interested in taking additional courses alongside their regular Bachelor's programme.
  • There are two moments to register for the Honours programme. You can start in the second semester of the first year (register before 1 March) or in the first semester of your second year (register before 15 July). You will need to follow two Honourscourses in one of the semesters if you start after 15 July.  

You can find the steps needed to participate in the Honours programme below.

Step-by-step guide Honours programme

  • Step 1: Check whether you meet the admission requirements

    The admission requirements for the Honours programme are:

    1. You have passed all the courses from semester 1 (30 ECTS) when you register before 1 March, or you have passed all courses of the first year (60 ECTS) when you register before 15 July;
    2. Your average, weighted to ECTS, is at least a 7.50; you can calculate your average grade with help of this table (follows soon);
    3. You have registered in time for the Honours programme (see step 2).

    These requirements are strict. No exceptions will be made.

  • Step 2: Register for the Honours programme

    Register before 1 March or before 15 July. It is better to register before the first deadline of 1 March if you want to spread your five Honours courses evenly over five semesters. If you want to start with the Honours programme in your second year, we would advise you to contact the study advisers to discuss your extra study load and study planning.

    You can register for the Honours programme through by registering for the 'Honours Programme UvA Economics and Business'. Your registration will be checked. You will be informed about your admission to the programme within six weeks after the deadline. It's possible to register even though you're waiting for your result of a course. Your admission will be proceed once the result is registered in SIS.

  • Step 3: Register for Honours courses

    The Honours programme consists of the following courses:

    Apart from the course The Why Axis is it your own responsibility to register you for the courses. Check the website regarding the course registration for the various course registration periods. Note: the course registration periods of the VU, IIS and AUC differ from Economics and Business. 

    You do not need to send the Board of Examiners a request for approval of your Honours programme if your programme includes the obligatory Honours course (The Why Axis) and 4 interdisciplinary courses (courses at the VU, AUC or IIS). In addition, you do not need to send the Board of Examiners a request for approval if you take one disciplinary course from the approved electives course list as to be found in your study plan in SIS. In case you choose a course outside of the approved electives course list or interdisciplinary courses from another Faculty or University (excluding VU, AUC and IIS), you do need to send the Board of Examiners a request for approval. Submit a request to the Examination Board to have it assessed for possible substantive overlap.

  • Step 4: Checking your study progress

    Study progress check for the Honours programme

    After your admission, your study progress will be checked once. You progress will be checked at the end of your second year to see if you may continue with the Honours programme. You're allowed to continue as a Honours student in the following academic year if you've obtained all the 120 ECTS of your Bachelor's programme with a 7.50 average (weighted to ECTS). If you do not meet these requirements, you will be deregistered for the Honours programme. At the end of your Bachelor's programme, a final check will be conducted to check if you may graduate with Honours. This will consequently be added to your diplomasupplement. 

    Questions about your study planning?

    If you have any questions about your study planning, or if you are thinking about quitting the Honours programme, you can contact the study advisers.

    Do you want to quit the Honours programme?

    If you decide to quit the Honours programme, please indicate this through the Digital Student Services Desk.

    Including Honours courses as electives or extracurricular courses

    Did you decide to quit the Honours programme, or were you deregistered because you did not meet the requirements? In most cases, it is still possible to include the courses that you already passed during the Honours programme as electives or extracurricular courses in your study programme. You can indicate this when you request your degree certificate.

  • Step 5: Hand in your transcript of grades for courses obtained outside of UvA Economics and Business / IIS

    Make sure you hand in an original certified transcript of the courses that you've obtained at the VU or AUC. You can hand in the certified transcript at the Education Desk. You do not have to do this for courses you followed within the UvA or the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS).

  • Step 6: Include Honours courses in your degree

    One of the requirements of the Honours programme is that you have obtained all 180 ECTS of your Bachelor's programme and all Honours courses within three years. When you're requesting your degree certificate you have to indicate that you have followed the Honours programme and which courses you wish to include as Honours courses. Make sure all necessary transcripts (see step 5) are handed in at the Education Desk.

    In order for you to graduate with the Honours programme on your supplement to your degree certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

    • You have obtained (at least) 30 ECTS of Honours courses, in the composition as explained in step 3;
    • Your grade point average for all courses obtained in your regular Bachelor's programme is at least 7.50. The thesis grade will be included as well. Honours courses will not count towards your grade point average;
    • You successfully completed all your mandatory courses (+ 30 ECTS Honours courses) within three years;
    • You have no more than 30 ECTS in exemptions in your programme.

    If you do not meet these requirements, the Honours programme will not be mentioned as such on the supplement to the degree certificate. In most cases you can use your Honours courses as electives or extracurricular courses (see step 4).

Here you can read more about the study association for Honoursstudents and about the Honours Student Council.