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Honours programme - CS

Are you an excellent student who would like an additional challenge? Then you should consider joining our Honours programme, starting in year 2 of the Bachelor's! It consists of several challenging courses that add up to 30 additional ECTS credits. Upon successful completion you will be awarded an Honours Bachelor’s degree.

The Honours programme 

The Honours programme consits of 30 ECTS. The programme starts in year 2 and is to be completed in year 3 of the Bachelor's. Honours students still have the possibility to go abroad for their electives or an internship.

Key skills you will have obtained upon completion of the programme:

  • academic and professional skills;
  • the ability to apply an interdisciplinary viewpoint on a subject;
  • applied research skills.

The Honours programme consits of several parts:

  • Pressure Cooker (6 ECTS)

    Students will start the Honours programme by participating in a Pressure Cooker. The Pressure Cooker is an intensive, interdisciplinary three-day programme in which students operate in small teams and try to find solutions for challenges that an external client is facing. To prepare for the programme, students will attend several tutorial meetings, read literature and do assignments. This will help students develop professionals and academic skills e.g. analyzing problems, addressing a client, pitching ideas and team work skills.

  • Individual part: Interdisciplinary modules (12 ECTS)

    You will take one or two interdisciplinary Honours modules (offered by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (UvA), VU University Amsterdam or Amsterdam University College) that fit your personal interests. For more information go to IIS courses or Honours modules

Selection criteria

You are eligible for admission to the Honours programme if you meet the following criteria:

  • all courses of the first year in year 1 of the Bachelor’s in Communication Science have been passed;
  • the weighted average grade for these courses is 7.5 or higher;
  • a letter of motivation (maximum of 1 page) is submitted within the given time frame (see below) including the grade transcript with GPA and a preliminary study plan for year 2 and 3.   

All applicants will go through a selection procedure. Before the course registration mid-June you will hear whether you have been conditionally selected or placed on the waiting list. If you have resits in July you can be conditionally accepted until the grades of the resits are final (and if you still meet the requirements mentioned above you will get a unconditional acceptance).

Application instructions         

If you would like to apply for this programme, then take the following steps:

  • In April students who have passed everything until then and have a weighted GPA of 7.5 will get an invitation to watch the information session about the Honours programme and the selection procedure (if you don’t get an invitation you can still apply and watch the information session. The link will be uploaded here).
  • write a motivation letter in which you elaborate on your motivation for applying for the Honours programme (one page maximum). Be concrete, show demonstrable motivation: Topics you can consider for your motivation letter are: (1) Why would you like to participate in the Honours programme; (2) what do you expect to take away from the Honours programm; (3) what do you bring to the Honours programme;
  • include a transcript of records with a weighted average grade (ask the Education Desk via email);
  • include a preliminary study plan of year 2 and 3 including the Honours programme;
  • submit all in 1 document to the Surfdrive and write your name and student number in the title of this document. You can adddress the letter to Laurian Meester. Deadline is to be announced (in May).

Honours Bachelor’s degree

To qualify for a Honours Bachelor’s degree the following requirements apply:

  • you have successfully completed the Honours programme of 30 ECTS, as well as the extra-curricular workshop;
  • the weighted average grade for the courses in the Bachelor’s in Communication Science is 7.5 or higher (the courses of the Honours programme are exempted from this requirement);
  • you finish the regular Bachelor’s programme including the Honours programme succesfully within three years.

*You are allowed to extend your studies with one semester if you go abroad for an exchange semester or the internship.

Planning of courses

For an overview of the programme and an example of your study planning, download the document below. 


Honours study adviser: Laurian Meester (email:
Honours coordinator: Zeph van Berlo (email: