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Meet Your Mentor mentoring programme

Meet Your Mentor is a Dutch-language mentoring programme that enhances employment chances for students with a non-western ethnic minority background.

This year the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Team has started to recruit students and professionals for a pilot of the new online mentoring programme ‘Meet Your Mentor’. Are you a third-year-Bachelor’s student or Master’s student at the UvA’s faculty of Economics and Business, Humanities or Social and Behavioural Sciences,  do you have a non-western ethnic minority background and are you entering  the Dutch job market? And are you serious about exploring what professional life might look like after finishing university? Then register quickly for the online mentoring programme Meet Your Mentor:

Are you a professional who is interested in sharing your knowledge and experience in the Dutch job market with a talented student? You are most welcome to apply as a mentor:

Who can apply?

Meet Your Mentor supports Dutch-speaking (first-generation) students with a non-western ethnic minority background who are about to enter into the Dutch job market. The programme offers a mentor to students who want to explore the Dutch job market. With your mentor you will discuss your personal challenges and discover your strengths as a future young professional. Please note the language used on the platform is Dutch and the programme is not aimed at international students.

The aims and timeline

The outcomes of the programme can be different for everyone who participates, because everyone has their own learning goals. The mentors will learn more about different perspectives, get inspired by young minds, gain more information about diversity and inclusion in the labour market and reflect on their own work environment. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time: mentors are asked to put in 12.5 hours and students 15 hrs over a 6 month period. The more time you put into it the more successful the results are. What we are aiming to reach by the end of the programme are students that

  • Are more confident about their position on the labour market;
  • Have a more determined focus and direction for their future;
  • Are able to profile themselves more effectively and stay true to themselves.


The match between mentors and mentees will be based on the registration form and the available mentors. As soon as a match is possible, participants will receive a personal invitation e-mail with the time and location for the kick-off. We are doing our best to organise a physical meeting within RIVM-regulations on 26 November at the Aula (Oude Lutherse Kerk), but due to possible changes this could take the form of an online-meeting. You will be personally notified on time by email. This also applies to the information meeting for students on 6 November.

Four phases

The Meet your Mentor trajectory consists of 4 phases over a six-month period:

  1. Kick-off meeting:  After registration and successful matching the project manager will contact you to invite you for the kick-off meeting. At this event you will get acquainted with the MYM manager, the other mentees and mentors and your matched mentor.
  2. Online mentoring platform: After the kick-off you will get to work with your mentor. You will gain access to the online platform and study the preparatory workshop module  of Meet Your Mentor. This module offers you tips on how to make the most of this mentor programme.
  3. Personal meetings:  After working through the online preparatory workshop module you will plan at least one meeting a month with your mentor. You are free to arrange the time and location for this meeting with your mentor provided you take in to consideration the Covid-19 regulations.
  4. Closing meeting: Just like the kick-off, we want to get all of you together at a closing meeting in April or May 2021 in which you will look back at the programme. You will receive a personal invitation to this event via email.

How to apply

Registration for the programme is obligatory for participants and can only be done through the registration forms on The deadline is 17:00 on 16 October, 2020. The mentors and students will meet each other at the kick-off on 26 November, which will hopefully take place on location. Participants will receive a personal confirmation email with the location and time. During the whole programme the project manager Meltem Halaceli will be available for questions and assistance if needed.

Connect, Learn, Improve and make it happen!

For more information go to or email Project manager Meltem Halaceli via (for questions only, not to register).