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Electives at the psychology department

Electives with and without prerequisites

Are you interested in taking an elective at the Psychology department? We offer several interesting courses for students with little or no prior knowledge about psychology, for example Developmental Psychology, Brain & Cognition, Work & Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Neuropsychology. Do you already have some prior knowledge and want to deepen your knowledge in psychology? In that case, you can choose from even more courses.

Course language: English  

All lectures are in English; tutorials are offered in both Dutch and English. Examinations: English, with the option for Dutch students to answer in Dutch.

Room for non-psychology student in elective courses?

Students from other programmes than Psychology are very welcome, but when there is a shortage of space, students taking the full bachelor’s programme take precedence. There are, however, many courses for which we do not expect a lack of space; this applies to all courses for which there are none or little prerequisites. For these courses you will be placed with reasonable certainty (if you meet the admission requirements). For the other courses, it is more difficult for us to make an estimate in advance. If you want to take courses with prerequisites, please make sure to read the information about the requirements below.

NB: for courses with prerequisites, we will know whether there are spots lefts in the last week of August. Therefore, before this time, you will not receive any notification from us regarding placement in courses.


The course registration for 2021-2022 is now closed. You can however e-mail to . We can check if there are still options available.

For courses with no entry requirements you can register yourself (if there are spots left) via the course registration tool. You can see if there are places left in the tool as soon as you log in.

For courses with prerequisites, please fill in the form below. The Education Desk will gather all requests and will inform candidates in the last week of August whether they can be placed.

If you are studying at an educational institution other than the UvA, you first need to complete a supplementary enrolment in Studielink. Please note: if you are doing a higher professional education programme (=HBO), you must have at least completed your propaedeutic phase (first year). You will then be given a UvA student number and a UvAnetID. These are required to register for UvA courses.

  • Courses for which you need to have quite specific prior knowledge

    Do you have quite some prior knowledge of Psychology? If so, you may also be eligible to our specialist courses. Of course, it depends on what prior knowledge you already have.

    We offer 7 specializations and in the second semester each specialization offers a course package of 30 ec spread out over 4 or 5 courses in the second semester. We advise you to follow the package as a whole, as you will then have a carefully composed programme in which all subjects are geared to each other. It is also possible to follow separate courses from the packages, but often you must have taken other, earlier, courses from the package as well. The prerequisites for the packages are:

    • At least 60 ec in your major
    • At least 18 ec in the field of research methods and statistics in social science
    • Prerequisites per package

    We offer the seven packages mentioned below. Interested? Do you think you meet the prerequisites? If so, read the information via the link under the heading “second year”. You can find more information on the course package and each course there. 

    • Brain & Cognition
      Prerequisites: first year level courses on cognitive psychology (for at least 4 ec)  and biological psychology / neuropsychology (for at least 4 ec). In our first year programme of the bachelor’s in Psychology the course on cognitive psychology is Brain & Cognition (6 ec) as given from 20-21 onwards (or Cognitive Psychology, 6 ec, as given in earlier years).  The course on biological psychology / Neuropsychology is Neuropsychology (6 ec) as given from 20-21 onwards (or Biological Psychology, 6 ec, as given in earlier years).
    • Psychological methods  
      Prerequisites: Scientific and statistical reasoning (9 ec)
    • Social Psychology
      Prerequisites: first year course Social Psychology
    • Work and Organizational psychology 
      Prerequisites: first year course Work & Organisational psychology
    • Clinical Psychology
      Prerequisites: Clinical Psychology, Developmental psychology, Neuropsychology (or Brain & Cognition if passed in 19-20 or earlier), Psychological communication, Basics knowledge/skills psychodiagnostics
    • Clinical developmental psychology 
      Prerequisites: 1e en 2e jaarsvakken Clinical psychology, Neuropsychology (or Brain & Cognition if passed in 19-20 or earlier), Developmental psychology, Psychological communication, Basics knowledge/skills psychodiagnostics
    • Clinical neuropsychology
      Prerequisites: 1st  & 2nd year courses Cognitive psychology, Neuropsychology (or Brain & Cognition if passed in 19-20 or earlier), Psychological communication, Basics knowledge/skills psychodiagnostics

    You can use this application form to register.
    In the form you will be asked to upload an overview of your results so far, so that it is clear that you have obtained at least 60 ec at your major and at least 12 ec in the field of social scientific research methods and statistics.  Also, it should show you fulfill the prerequisites for the specialized courses. You can request such an overview from the administration of your major.

    Further information on prerequisites
    The prerequisites for specialised courses are quite high. We mostly use the name of a course that is given by our department that covers the entrance requirement. But: an equivalent course will also do. So, if the prerequisite we mention is "developmental psychology" and you passed a course on “child psychology”, please indicate this on the form with which you register.
    If, according to our education office, you may not fully meet the prerequisites, we will show your application to the course coordinator. This coordinator can assess whether you are still eligible to follow the course.

    Please note: although specialized courses about Clinical Psychology, Clinical Developmental Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology require basic knowledge/skills about/in psychodiagnostics, we do not offer such a course for elective students.

  • Research master courses

    The Research Master-courses of Psychology are open to students of the Research Master programmes of the FMG and IIS. Please check the entry requirements in the course catalogue before you enroll. If you think you meet the entry requirements but are not sure, please contact the Research Master:
    If you meet the requirements you can enroll directly through the course registration application

    NB: ResMas Psychology students will be placed first. So after registration your placement is not definite.