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Electives (optional courses) - PSY

Electives (optional courses) - PSY

If you would like to take a first-year course in Psychology

All students who are enrolled at an institute of higher education in the Netherlands may take a first-year Psychology-course at the UvA.

All the first-year courses in Psychology, except for tutorials and Test Theory and Practice, are open to applicants from other study programmes or universities (please note: if you are enrolled in an HBO programme, you are required to have successfully completed at least your first year).

If you are enrolled at an educational institution other than the UvA, you must first complete an optional-course registration via Studielink. You will then receive a UvA student ID number and a UvAnet ID. You need these to be enrolled in an UvA course.

If you would like to take a specialisation / higher-year course in Psychology

To take a higher-year course, you must have completed at least 90 ECTS credits in your own degree programme. In many cases (except for Introduction to Cultural Psychology) you must also have taken a preparatory course. This may be a propaedeutic course in Psychology, for instance, or a course that you have taken as part of your own degree programme that is in line with the course you would like to take.

For students from outside the UvA, an optional-course registration via Studielink is required. You will receive a UvA student ID number after you have registered via Studielink. That number is necessary to complete the enrolment.

Make sure you can produce a list of marks to prove you have taken a preparatory course.

You can register for an elective through the following form:


NB: we can place elective students from outside Psychology after 11 January 2019. 18 January 2019 we can let you know if you have been placed in the course of your choice.

Research Master-courses

The Research Master-courses of Psychology are open to students of the Research Master programmes of the FMG and IIS. Please check the entry requirements in the course catalogue before you enroll. If you think you meet the entry requirements but are not sure, please contact the Research Master:

If you meet the requirements you can enroll directly through the course registration application.

NB: ResMas Psychology students will be placed first. So after registration your placement is not definite. We will let you know after January 18 if your placement is definite.