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Things to arrange

You have received a conditional acceptance letter. What should you do next?

1. Sign and submit the participation agreement

Your conditional acceptance letter contains a link to an online participation agreement. Please complete this form to confirm your participation in the programme. At this point, your place in the programme will be guaranteed. You will receive subsequent email messages about housing, visas and other things to arrange before the start of the programme.

2. Send in certified copies of your documents before 20 July

We cannot accept electronic copies of official documents. Please send in certified hard copies of the following documents to PPLE via regular mail:

  • Original copy of your IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge test report. We do not accept copies. The test centre can also send these directly.
  • Certified copy of your secondary school diploma with English translation if necessary.*
  • Certified copy of your secondary school transcript of grades with English translation if necessary.

A certified copy is a copy signed and stamped by the relevant institution or by an authorised notary.

Please send the documents before 20 July to:

PPLE Admissions Office
Attn. Ilse Rooijers
Valckenierstraat 59
1018 XE Amsterdam

* IB students: please note that we need the official diploma issued by the International Baccalaureate Organisation in Geneva.

3. Register for housing

You will receive an email invitation from our admissions officers to register for housing.

Watch the video on student housing (for international students):

Finding a room in Amsterdam can be difficult, even for natives. There is a shortage of housing in general. Here are some tips for finding a room on the private market:

4. Finalise your registration

When you have returned the participation agreement we will forward your personal information to UvA Student Services.

UvA Student Services will guide you through what can sometimes be confusing procedures required for moving to a new country. They will help you obtain a student visa or residence permit if necessary and make sure PPLE is prepared for your arrival in Amsterdam.

Your registration will be final once you have paid the tuition fee.

5. Arrange your health and liability insurance

All students must carry health care and liability insurance for the duration of your time in the Netherlands.