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Sustainability at the Faculty of Science

Sustainability at the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science conducts many projects and initiatives in the area of sustainability. Researchers explore sustainable applications and lecturers develop new degree programmes. Sustainability is also a key criterion for facilities services.

Research, Education and Facility Services are looking for various sustainable solutions. For example, the Faculty building (Science Park 904) has been furnished with a number of striking sustainable applications, from thermal storage to solar panels. And various research institutes within the Faculty are involved in Amsterdam Green Campus, a collaboration between science, education and entrepreneurs in the region for the purpose of solving sustainable social issues. Read more about the many sustainable initiatives within the faculty via the navigation buttons above.

The UvA and sustainability

The UvA is also working on sustainability. In the field of waste, energy and purchasing, for example, there is constant research into possible adjustments that benefit the environment. In 2016, the UvA installed solar panels on the various roofs of UvA buildings, including Science Park 904, and in that year the UvA Green Office was also started by students, to make the university more sustainable and raise awareness.