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Results: 21 - 40 of 90
Results: 21 - 40 of 90
  • We are going to protect you better against fake emails
    15 Dec 2020
    Increasingly, employees, students and business contacts receive fake UvA emails, which are almost indistinguishable from real UvA emails. This is not only annoying, but can also be harmful. To counteract this, we are ...
  • - the place with information about ICT disruptions
    9 Nov 2020 is the place where the UvA informs you about ICT disruptions. This services page is always available because it is placed outside of our own digital environment.
  • Replacement tanks of liquid nitrogen
    14 Sep 2020
    Two tanks containing liquid nitrogen at building E will be replaced. This will take place from September 21 to 23. Liquid nitrogen will not be available on Tuesday 22 September due to the tank change. Stakeholders ...
  • Update: Adjustment of the Faculty of Science Building Capacity protocol
    8 Sep 2020
    The Building Capacity protocol of 8 September 2020, based on government policy, measures taken by the UvA and the faculty, and experiences in recent months, includes a number of changes compared to the Faculty of ...
  • Limited access to Faculty of Science buildings
    25 Aug 2020
    The government guidelines on working and studying have been in effect for quite some time now. The general principle is: work and study from home if at all possible, consult with your supervisor if you need to be in ...
  • Take a virtual tour through the Faculty of Science
    18 Aug 2020
    Walk through the Faculty of Science with our new virtual 360˚ tour. This tour allows you to explore the main building and other facilities in and around Science Park 904 at your own pace wherever you are.
  • Reopening Education Desk Faculty of Science
    9 Jul 2020
    The Education Desk of the Faculty of Science will reopen from Thursday 24 July. Check the adjusted opening hours.
  • Window cleaning Science Park
    9 Jun 2020
    From 8 to 19 June the windows of Science Park will be cleaned, both from the outside and inside of the building.
  • Restaurant and coffee corner reopen on 3 June
    29 May 2020
    The restaurant and coffee corner at Science Park 904 will reopen on 3 June. You will be able to order coffee from the 'Koffiebazen' again and buy food in the restaurant. The seating areas in the hall at the ...
  • Temporary bicycle parking facility for UvA staff and Faculty of Science students
    15 May 2020
    From Monday 18 May, the current bicycle parking facility next to Science Park 904, building A, will be relocated in sections to the new location at the main entrance to this building. This is in preparation for the ...
  • Limit the amount of data traffic via VPN
    30 Mar 2020
    Check for more information and updates.
  • Coronavirus: information about the completion of block 4
    23 Mar 2020
    On Friday, 20 March all students of the Faculty of Science received important information about the completion of courses in block 4. Read here the content.
  • Coronavirus: message from the dean
    13 Mar 2020
    Dear student, Following the information from the Board of Directors about the Coronavirus, I can imagine many of you have questions with regards to its impact on the education activities here at the Faculty of Science.
  • Power dip Science Park 904
    12 Mar 2020
    Following a power dip in parts of the Watergraafsmeer area, there was a power dip in all buildings of Science Park 904. The power dip caused a failure of the ventilation system, as well as lighting in certain public ...
  • Update: Bicycle clean-up operation at Science Park 904
    13 Feb 2020
    Between 17 February and 21 February all broken and abandoned bicycles in the bicycle shed in front of Science Park 904 Building A wil be tagged to be removed after 13 March. Usually, there is a bicycle clean-up every ...
  • Clean up of bicycle parking from 17 to 21 February
    11 Feb 2020
    From 17 to 21 February, all derelict bikes and those judged to be abandoned will be removed from the bicycle parking at Science Park 904. Usually, this happens once a year before the summer break starts. However, ...
  • Update: multiple locker break-ins
    4 Feb 2020
    Recently, we’ve had reports of multiple locker break-ins. Unfortunately, it proved possible to forcibly open the lock with a screwdriver or other sharp object.
  • A part-time job besides your studies in your field of expertise?
    3 Feb 2020
    Are you looking for a part-time job which allows you to make some money while gaining useful experience within your own field of expertise?
  • Beware of thieves: shield your locker combination!
    23 Jan 2020
    In the last two weeks there have been several reported incidents where personal belongings were stolen from lockers in the central hall. Thieves peek over the shoulders of locker users (possibly from a distance) to ...
  • Refurbishment coffee corner
    7 Jan 2020
    This week, the coffee corner in the central hallway will be closed due to refurbishment. Coffee can be taken from the vending machines in the study centre, and on the 1st floor of building D.