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At the Faculty of Humanities it is required that you request your degree certificate in order to be able to graduate.

When should you request a degree certificate?

You can request your degree certificate from the month in which you completed your last examination, or if you are in the final stage of completing your Bachelor's thesis or final project. Even when your final grade is still unknown or not registered in SIS yet, it is possible to apply for the degree certificate.


  • if you meet the requirements in July or August, you should apply for your degree certificate before 1 July;
  • to proceed your request a minimum of four weeks is needed between the date of examination and your graduation ceremony.
  • If you have submitted a request for your degree certificate, you can always decide to cancel the application. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the Education Desk.

Open the Graduation calendar below to find out which examination date you can expect on your degree certificate.

  • Graduation calendar 2019-2020


    Final component

    Examination date on degree certificate

     Mo 2 Sep - Mon 30 Sep  30 September 2019
     Tue 1 Oct - Thur 31 Oct  31 October 2019
     Fri 1 Nov - Fri 29 Nov  29 November 2019
     Mon 2 Dec - Fri 20 Dec  31 December 2019
     Mon 6 Jan - Fri 31 Jan  31 January 2020
     Mon 3 Feb - Fri 28 Feb  28 February 2020
     Mon 2 Mar - Tue 31 Mar  31 March 2020
     Wed 1 Apr - Thur 30 Apr  30 April 2020
     Fri 1 May - Fri 29 May  29 May 2020
     Mon 1 June - Tue 30 June  30 June 2020
     Wed 1 July - Fri 31 July  31 July 2020
     Mon 3 Aug - Mon 31 Aug  31 August 2020


    If you have already submitted your request but foresee that you will not be able to graduate before 1 September after all, please contact the Education Desk. Also bear in mind that you will have to re-enrol in your programme via Studielink by no later than 30 August.

  • Graduation ceremony

    Graduating is an impressive accomplishment. To celebrate this with your family, friends and fellow students, your programme will organise an official graduation ceremony.
    For more information, see Graduation ceremonies.

Information about termination of enrolment

For information about the procedures for terminating enrolment and tuition fee refunds, see the UvA page on Termination of enrolment.

Frequently asked questions

To view the answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ.