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What is your study programme?
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Work experience

Last modified on 14-02-2024 15:27
During your studies you can gain work experience in your field by doing an internship, getting a study-related part-time job or assisting with research, for example. At the same time you'll gain professional skills that will serve you in any career.
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What is your study programme?
  • Vacancies and the UvA Job BoardThere are a number of places you can look for jobs, part-time jobs and internships.
  • Become a teacher's assistantBy working part-time as a personal teaching assistant you'll have the opportunity to gain teaching skills and discover whether you enjoy teaching. 
  • InternshipsInternships can take place during or after your Bachelor's or Master's programme. The internship is usually an elective or extracurricular. For some degree programmes, the internship is compulsory.
  • EntrepreneurshipAre you considering entrepreneurship? Here you can discover if entrepreneurship is the way forward for you and how you can further develop this during your studies.