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Tuition fee waiver for students serving on a board

Last modified on 07-02-2024 14:29
As a full-time board member, you can apply for a one-off tuition fee waiver for the year in which you're on a board. In other words, you can enrol without having to pay any tuition fees.
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Who can apply for a tuition fee waiver?

You're eligible for a tuition fee waiver if:

  • You're enrolled in a full-time programme at the UvA and you pay statutory tuition fees. Unfortunately, this means that students from outside the EU are not eligible.
  • You're receiving an Administrative Body Membership Grant because you are serving on the board of a recognised student organisation, a faculty student council or the Central Student Council.
  • You're serving as a board member full-time (12 months), with the exception of members of the Central Student Council.
  • You've haven't had a tuition fee waiver in the past.
  • You sign a declaration in which you state that you will not attend any classes, sit examinations, request your degree certificate or receive guidance in your study and research activities at the UvA or at any other government-funded institution during the entire academic year in which you serve on the board.

Application deadline

Apply for a tuition fee waiver for serving on a board at the beginning of the year in which you are a board member. The deadline is 1 October.


If you would like to apply, please send your request by email to: bestuursbeurs-sts@uva.nlExternal link


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