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The Exchange Express

Last modified on 18-07-2023 16:57
The Exchange Express is an informative and fun digital magazine about studying abroad, made entirely by Ambassadors from the Cultural Exchange Ambassadors Programme.
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The Exchange Express

The Exchange Express is a digital magazine with student testimonials and much more for exchange students (planning their exchange) at the UvA, and UvA students (going) on exchange. It's entirely made by UvA's Exchange Ambassadors, both on Erasmus and Global exchanges. Read more about the Cultural Exchange Ambassadors Programme.

Download the latest edition

Wonder what life is like for students exchanging from and to the UvA? The Exchange Ambassadors proudly present the newest edition of the Exchange Express here: Exchange Express - July 2023 (pdf)

Download earlier editions

You will find earlier editions of the Exchange Express below.

If you have a story you'd like to share for any upcoming editions, or a comment or question about the exchange experience in Amsterdam, please send an email to global-sts@uva.nlExternal link. The next edition is likely to arrive in January of 2024.

More study abroad experiences

To see more students share their stories and experiences of studying abroad, check out the Cultural Exchange Ambassadors' instagram pageExternal link,  the UvA Exchange Facebook pageExternal link or the UvA Study Abroad Instagram pageExternal link.