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Last modified on 24-08-2022
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What is your study programme?

Selling books

You can sell used books to other UvA students through the website and app of UvaBooks.nlExternal link. This is an initiative run by UvA students with the support of the University Library.

Readers and syllabi

Some lecturers use readers to provide compulsory or supplementary literature. As a student you can download readers free of charge in CanvasExternal link or order a printed version for a fee.


As a student at the UvA, you will need your own laptop. For some degree programmes, your laptop must meet a number of minimum requirements. You can find out on the page on laptop requirements whether this applies to your degree programme. 


You may need specific software for your degree programme. While you are a student at the UvA, you can download and use software free of charge. You can learn more about the different software programmes and how to install them on your laptop on the page on software.