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Section of Psychology Students (SPS-NIP)

Last modified on 11-10-2022
SPS-NIP is the Section of Psychology Students of the Dutch Association of Psychologists. On this page, you can read more about what SPS-NIP does and how you can contact them.
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What does SPS-NIP do?

SPS-NIP is part of the professional association NIP. SPS-NIP offers its members activities, lectures, services and information with the aim of bridging the gap between your studies and the professional field. SPS-NIP is run by and for students.

About NIP

With a membership of more than 13.000, the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) has been the largest professional association in the Netherlands for 80 years now. NIP’s aim is to promote the interests of psychologists as professionals, as well as the field of psychology as a discipline. They are a consultation partner for government and a diverse array of other bodies. NIP comprises various sections, each representing a different field of psychology. The Section of Psychology Students (SPS) gives psychology students a voice.

Organisation and management

Besides the national board, each university has its own regional board or a number of representatives. They organise activities at national or regional level. SPS-NIP has two representatives who are currently studying at the UvA. You can approach them with any questions or ideas you have.


Do you want to further your own development and help other students? SPS-NIP Is looking for more people to support the representatives at the UvA. Are you interested in serving on a regional board? Send an email to to inquire into the options. If you would like to serve your fellow students in other ways, check out all the vacancies at SPS-NIP.


Questions or ideas for an activity? Send the representatives of the UvA an email or message via Facebook: 

  • Email:
  • Facebook: SPS-NIP Stedelijk Bestuur UvA
  • Website: