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Safety and security at the UvA

Last modified on 20-07-2022 16:39
The Central Control Room and Facility Services are responsible for managing safety and security at the UvA.
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Safety and security 

At the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Central Control Room is where incidents are reported. As the security hub, the Control Room is open 24/7. The telephone number is: +31 (0)20 525 2222.  

The Central Control Room’s tasks are: 

  • providing support in case of disasters and major incidents; 
  • mobilising internal and external emergency services outside office hours; 
  • alerting the Company Emergency Response (CER) team during office hours; 
  • organising and coordinating security and deployment of security guards at buildings and other premises; 
  • operating and monitoring security cameras; 
  • organising on-call support by security guards for reception desks. See Reception desk for more information.  

What to do in case of an emergency 

In case of an emergency or other urgent matter, immediately call the Central Control Room, available 24/7, on: +31 (0)20 525 2222. 

Deployment of security guards 

Facility Services also coordinates the deployment of our security guards. The security guards help optimise the safety in UvA’s buildings and other premises, both during and outside building opening hours.  The tasks of security guards are: 

  • maintaining order and security at buildings and other premises, including car parks; 
  • monitoring compliance with parking policy; 
  • admitting and escorting suppliers and emergency services outside office hours;   
  • making security rounds at opening and closing hours; 
  • following up on triggered alarms, for instance burglary and fire alarms; 
  • operating the fire control panel. 


Facility Services

Facility Services arranges various facilities on campus. For example, you can go there for questions about the student card, reserving rooms or facilities related to events.

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