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Online Study Space: guided study sessions online and in the Library

Last modified on 31-07-2023 15:47
In the Online Study Space you can experience the benefits of studying in physical study spaces from wherever you are. You can study online with others and benefit from professional guidance.Open Online Study Space in Microsoft Teams
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What is your study programme?

Studying together from home

The Online Study Space is the place where you can study and collaborate online, where you can gain inspiration, share information and meet new people.

Studying together provides structure and motivation. In the Online Study Space you can do this anytime, anywhere, wherever and whenever you log in. All students are welcome. The hosts – also students – guide you through the online environment and provide guidance during study sessions. The Online Study Space aims to recreate the advantages of physical study places in an online environment and stimulate social interactions. Moreover, the possibilities within Online Study Space are expanding, due to the range of workshops, consultation hours of lecturers and initiatives of fellow students that are being organised.

Online Study Space

The Online Study Space is open 24/7. You can start your own study session and invite fellow students to join you, or just check to see who is studying online at any moment.


On various days study sessions are supervised by a host. These sessions follow a regular pattern of study blocks followed by breaks.

Online Studying and Having Coffee

The Online Study Space has various channels such as: 

  • ‘Study Focus’: where you intersperse supervised 50-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks 
  • 'Thesis': join a supervised thesis writing session
  • ‘Study Tips’: where you can share study tips
  • ‘Cafeteria’ channel: where you can go to for a quick chat or to have a coffee together virtually

The software you need

To access the Online Study Space, you must have downloaded Microsoft Teams on your computer. Please note: in order to do this, you must first have access to Microsoft 365. The UvA offers both for free. In Microsoft Teams you log in with your UvA email address and you will see 'Online Study Space UvA (OSS)' in the menu.

The sound of the Library

Does music distract you too much while studying? Or do you want to recreate the  sound of the Library? Students can make use of a binaural soundscape (3D) for studying. Put on your headphone or earbuds, switch on the soundscape and in no time you will imagine yourself in the study space of the Library (location: University Library Singel).

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