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Lactation rooms

Last modified on 31-07-2022
The UvA has several lactation rooms. Please contact your study adviser if you would like to use a lactation room.
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What is your study programme?

The university has several rooms that can be used by pregnant people to pump breast milk or rest. These facilities will differ from one campus to another. Please contact your study adviser if you would like to use a lactation room to pump breast milk. 

Lactation rooms Roeterseilandcampus

On the Roeterseilandcampus we have five lactation rooms. You can find them in these rooms:

  • B.05.64
  • B10.71
  • GS.07B
  • E0.17 
  • A8.61

Using lactation room B05.64, B10.71 or GS.07B

Contact the Education Desk of you degree programme. They will make sure you get a temporary pass that gets you acces to the rooms. They will also help you reserve the room(s). 

Using lactation room E0.17 or A8.61

To acces lactation room E0.17, you can get a temporary pass from the porter of building E (in front of room E0.17). You can just hand in the pass again when you're done. Please note that this room is also being used as a frist aid room. A first aid case always has priority, so there's a possibility your time in the lactation room will be interrupted. We've placed a room divider in the room to make sure you have privacy in case someone opens the door. 

To use lactation room A8.61, sent Hinke Nijman External linkan e-mail and the right to acces will be added to your pass.