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Help if you run into problems with your thesis

Last modified on 23-06-2022
If you are having difficulties with your thesis - because of stress or motivation problems for example - there are a number of sources you can turn to for help.
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What is your study programme?

Group counselling

The ‘Starting your thesis’ training course

The ‘Starting your thesis’ training courseExternal link is aimed at students who are anxious about the big challenge the thesis represents and/or are doubting their abilities.

The ‘Graduation group’ training course 

The ‘Graduation group’ training course is aimed at students who have been experiencing difficulties with their theses for some time. 

Academic Skills training courses and workshops 

If you are a student at the UvA and need help with or advice about academic writing in Dutch or English, read the page about writing tips or use the Writing CentreExternal link (free of charge). The Writing Centre offers individual support, workshops, thesis weeks and courses for all UvA students. 

The ‘Dealing with fear of failure, stress and perfectionism’ training course 

The ‘Dealing with fear of failure, stress and perfectionism’ training course is aimed at students who are experiencing a level of tension and stress that is so severe that it is impacting their studies or lives. 

The Thesis Channel Online Study Space 

Once a week, the Online Study Space organises a guided session for thesis writers in a special Microsoft Teams environment. See the Online Study Space page to read how to access this Teams environment.

Individual supervision

Appointment with a UvA psychologist 

If you need to see a psychologist, contact the student psychologist immediately. If you are unsure which help would be best for you, start by discussing this with a student adviser (if you want to).

Help from your thesis supervisor or a student adviser

Contact your thesis supervisor if you run into problems with the thesis itself. Arrange to see a student adviser if your problems have been caused by personal circumstances.


UvA's psychologists

You can turn to the UvA’s student psychologists for help with study-related problems or personal issues that are interfering with your studies. You do not need a referral from your GP. Register for a workshop or group module on UvA CorsizioExternal link.

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