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Health and well-being

Last modified on 01-08-2022
It is important to take good care of your health. Do you have physical or mental complaints, do you feel unsafe, or is there something else that is affecting your well-being? Remember that you are not alone and can always turn to someone for help. Find the support that best suits your needs below.
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  • General Practitioners Practice UvAVisit the UvA’s General Practitioners Practice to receive treatment from GPs with specific knowledge about student life.   
  • Mental healthAre you feeling down or struggling with your studies? This page provides a comprehensive overview of the support and resources the UvA has to offer when it comes to your mental health.
  • Exercise at USCReady to get active? USC is the gym for UvA students. Five of the 7 USC locations are close to a UvA campus. And for UvA students, working out at USC is really cheap!
  • Studying with a disability, dyslexia or chronic illnessIf you have a disability, dyslexia or chronic illness, you might need special facilities and support during your studies. Find out here what kind of facilities and support the UvA offers.
  • Studying with an illness or chronic condition Are you ill or do you have a chronic condition? If so, let your study adviser know. Your study adviser can help you look for support.
  • Pregnancy and parenthood during your studiesIf you are pregnant, or combining your studies with childcare, it might be a good idea to discuss the practicalities with your study adviser.
  • Contemplation roomsThe UvA offers four contemplation rooms on its various campuses. Staff and students can retreat to these contemplation rooms.
  • DentistsAre you in need of a dentist? You will find various options on this page.