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Economics and Business Summer Schools

Last modified on 05-06-2024 12:40
Experience a multicultural setting, network with professionals, challenge yourself and expand your knowledge of Economics and Business at one of our host universities' Summer Schools.
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What is your study programme?

Summer School Programmes 2024

These Summer School programmes are offered by UvA Economics and Business host universities. On the UvA World MapExternal link you can find more information about the destination, programme, dates, accommodation, estimated costs, excursions, and more.

Always select your own study programme on the UvA World Map. Some agreements are set up at study programme level or faculty level. Within the UvA World Map you can select two faculty programmes:

    • Faculty-free (summer school agreement with UvA EB)
    • Faculty-paid (no summer school agreement with UvA EB)

Faculty free options in 2024

  • ESSEC Business School: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Rabat (Morocco) campus
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: The Finance and Management Bootcamp
  • University of Ljubljana: Take the Best from East and West
  • Technische Universität München: Sustainable Energies and Entrepreneurship
  • Technische Universität München (in cooperation with HEC Paris): Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation


The Summer School programmes take place throughout different periods in the summer, depending on the university and programme you choose.

Conditions for all applicants

All applicants must meet the following conditions for the Summer School faculty-free programmes:

Please note that host universities can have additional entry requirements.


If you have been selected to one of our faculty-free programmes, the tuition fee is waived. Keep in mind that there might be additional costs, such as accommodation, food, excursions, insurance, and visa, which can differ per programme. For faculty-paid programmes the tuition fee is at your own expence.

How to apply

Applications for the faculty-free Economics and Business Summer Schools were open until Tuesday 23 April 2024. Please contact the EB Exchange Office if you are still interested after the deadline and have not submitted an application. 

If you are interested in a faculty-paid programme, please check the application procedure at the host university.

After application

Students will be selected by a random draw. The selection process is as follows:

  1. We check your application and decide if you meet the requirements
  2. We decide your priority category (we check if you have participated or will participate in an exchange programme)
  3. We start a lottery among the priority students (students who have not participated in an exchange have priority).
  4. If not all places are filled, another lottery will be held with the remaining students.

You will be excluded from the selection if you have submitted an incomplete application or if you are not a full-time, fee-paying UvA student throughout the Summer School programme.

Course approval

If you would like to register the Summer School courses on your grade list, you need to submit a request to the Examinations Board for approval of the courses you wish to take at the host university.

  • You can submit your request to the Examinations Board once you have finalised the application for the courses that you are taking abroad and if you can provide the Board with the course descriptions of the courses you applied for (including the amount of credits, the level of the courses, weekly topics and literature).
  • Take note that courses passed abroad can be included in your study programme in three ways: as an exemption for obligatory courses, as electives or as extracurricular courses.
  • It will take six weeks at most for the Examinations Board to process your request and communicate its decision.