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Double Degree Programme: Studying Law for a year in Amsterdam and a year in Zürich

Last modified on 08-08-2022
In cooperation with the University of Zürich, the Amsterdam Law School offers a unique double degree-Master's programme voor Law students.
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What is your study programme?

University of Zürich – Amsterdam Law School

As a student of Law, you can participate in the double degree Master's programmes. This is a unique programme where you get the opportunity to study at the UvA for one year, and at the University of Zürich for another year. Participation in the double degree programme means you can acquire your Master's programme in Zurich in one year (60 ECTS) instead of a year and a half (90 ECTS)!

In German or English 

In Zürich, you have the option to follow a Master's degree programme in either German or English: 

  • Master of Law UZH – Rechtswissenschaft (Duitstalig)
  • Master  of Law UZH - International and Comparative Law (Engelstalig)

Please note: to be able to apply for these Master's degree programmes, you have to meet the language requirements. Read more about these requirements hereExternal link.


To apply for the double degree programme, you have to meet the admission requirements:

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in Law;
  • You are enrolled in one of the legal Master's degree programmes at the Amsterdam Law School; 
  • You meet the language requirements. 


To apply for the the double degree programme, send an e-mail to the International Office of the Amsterdam Law SchoolExternal link. Title the e-mail 'Application Double Degree Programme' and attach the following documents: 

  • a certified list of marks;
  • your resume;
  • a cover letter.

Deadline: 15 January. 

Four to six weeks after your application, you will be informed on the selection committee's decision. 

Studying in Zurich

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Acquiring a double degree from to renowned faculties of Law in Europe is of great added value to your future in the international workfield. You get the opportunity to make various legal systems you own in an international setting. Furthermore, Switzerland is an important financial hub accommodating lots of international institutes. 

Important info on studying in Zürich: 

  • When you start your Master's degree in Zürich, you will no longer be enrolled as a UvA student. You will pay tuition fees to the University of Zürich. 
  • You can apply for off-campus student housing in Zürich. A room is not guaranteed.