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What is your study programme?

Change your personal email address

Last modified on 19-02-2024 15:08
It is easy for you to change your personal email address via Studielink.
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What is your study programme?

Log in on StudielinkExternal link and go to the tab ‘Details’ to change your personal email address. In principle the University always communicates with you via your UvA-mail, but this enables emails to be automatically forwarded to your personal email address, ensuring you do not miss any important messages.

If you do not have a Studielink account, please use this form to change your personal detailsExternal link.

Change your UvA email address

Read more about changing your UvA email address.


Central Student Service Desk (CSSD)

Do you have general questions about studying at the UvA, for instance, about your enrolment or tuition fee? Contact the CSSD. 

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