What is your study programme?


Last modified on 27-01-2022
If you are experiencing some form of bullying, you can always turn to one of our confidential advisers or study advisers.
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What is your study programme?

Students or staff members experiencing any form of bullying can always turn to one of our confidential advisers. They will provide support and help you find a way to stop the inappropriate behaviour or prevent the situation from getting worse. If necessary, they will refer you to a professional counsellor. They can also help you submit a complaint to the Complaints Committee

Inappropriate behaviour during lectures or tutorials

Your lecturer should be the first person you turn to in the event of inappropriate behaviour during a lecture or tutorial. You can also turn to the confidential adviser or study adviser. If necessary, the study adviser can pass on your report to the College/Graduate School director. Inappropriate behaviour can occur in lecture rooms, but it can also take place during online lectures and tutorials.