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Borrowing a laptop

Last modified on 30-05-2022
Is your own laptop not available and do you urgently need a computer? At the Library, you can borrow a laptop for a day. You can also find study places with desktops at the Library.
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What is your study programme?

Borrowing a Chromebook and Windows laptop

You can borrow a Chromebook for one day at the information desk of UB Singel, the Library Learning Centre REC and the library at Science Park. Chromebooks work with a guest profile. You can make use of Google services (e.g. Google Docs), Proctorio and the online version of Office 365. It is not possible to install software yourself.

Lock up your laptop

Need a break? Make sure to lock your laptop. You can borrow a lock free of charge for a day at the information desk of UB Singel. The locks work on Windows laptops and Chromebooks. The Library is not liable for lost property.

Using a desktop

The Library offers individual study places with PCs on every campus. On these PCs you will find specific software, such as SPSS. You can find information on available software on PCs in the study centres here. 


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