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What is your study programme?

Activate your UvAnetID

Last modified on 16-02-2024 15:02
Everyone who studies at the UvA is assigned a UvAnetID. Once you have activated it, you will get access to the UvA’s facilities, apps and websites.Activate your UvAnetID account
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What is your study programme?

When will you receive your UvAnetID?

Once you have enrolled through StudielinkExternal link, you will receive an activation email containing your personal UvAnetID within 24 hours. This is also your student ID number and login name. Once you have received this email you can activate your UvAnetID by setting your own password.

Activate your UvAnetID

You can activate your UvAnetID on your laptop or computer as follows:

  1. Go to id.uva.nlExternal link.
  2. Click on 'I want to activate my UvAnetID'.
  3. Follow the five steps on the website.

Important note regarding activation

  • Under ‘Date of birth’ and 'Private email address', you should enter the same details as you entered in your Studielink account, under 'Details’.

What will you need your UvAnetID for?

Your UvAnetID gives you access to a wide range of UvA facilities. E.g. Wi-Fi, printers, your UvA email account, apps and websites such as CanvasExternal link and SISExternal link. You can check the status of your enrolment at the UvA in SISExternal link using your UvAnetID.


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