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Jael attended the INCiTE summer school, and built on an innovative business solution for a global challenge in Singapore

Jael Vos (26) - INCiTE summer school
Last modified on 01-06-2023 12:26
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What is your study programme?
Jael Vos 4:3

Thinking outside of the box in the little red dot

In this programme you are brought together in a multicultural team to work on an interdisciplinary project that stimulates you to think outside of the box.

This project involves building an innovative business solution for a global challenge in Singapore, supported by courses in Entrepreneurship, Intercultural Competence and Systems and Design thinking.

Even though this programme is shorter than an exchange, it is very intensive and therefore it allows you to develop yourself in a short time.

You meet a lot of different people in different situations, but you are all doing the same thing which really stimulates a deep connection within the group.

The culture was different in many ways. First of all because the Asian culture is very different then the Dutch culture, but additionally the Scottish and Australian culture were involved. I noticed that Dutch people are very direct and therefore sometimes I missed out on possible connections because I was too straightforward. In the future I want to try to have a more wait-and-see attitude in order to create space for others as well.

This experience had a huge effect on my personal development.

I am really motivated to think more deeply about the connection you can make with people and how you can adapt yourself to make others feel comfortable and make the connections stronger.