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Warm Welkom Week

Warm Welcome Week for Humanities students

Last modified on 02-07-2024 10:57
From 9 until 12 September, we welcome all students who will begin their studies at the Faculty of Humanities in 2024-2025 at VOX-POP.
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VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam

During the Warm Welcome Week, VOX-POP transforms into the lively living room of the Faculty of Humanities. In a series of surprising activities and creative workshops, you will get to know fellow students, the university, our faculty and Dutch cuisine. Moreover, the Warm Welcome Week takes place during the last week of the Climate Museum at VOX-POP so, in addition to connection, sustainability will be a central theme. Think: A clothing swap, making miso from old bread, a botanical street art workshop, a crash course in fermentation, a Dungeons & Dragons session for beginners, an urban photography workshop, and more.

Come along, enjoy and meet! 

Warm Welcome Week



VOX-POP is the ‘creative space’ of the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Humanities. We organise and host innovative and inspiring events in order to create a bridge between the academic world and the city, between art and science, between culture and society.

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