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UvA Campus Dialogues lunch session #4

Last modified on 07-06-2024 09:40
Dealing with division - what to do if we disagree? (Part 1) - In this session we reflect on how difficult it is to formulate common ground. We discuss how we can strive for a culture where we respect a difference in opinion and still work together based on shared values. The focus is on looking for solutions that do justice to the diverse perspectives and that bridge the different points of view.
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Start date
13-06-2024 12:00
End date
13-06-2024 14:00

Roeterseiland Campus E0.03

Campus Dialogues Lunch Sessions

The recent demonstrations on our campus and the police response to these protests have heavily impacted our entire community. In these challenging times, the Central Diversity Office is committed to offering a safe and welcoming space on campus where student and staff wellbeing, connectivity and shared reflection take a central place. To make this happen, we are organising weekly Campus Dialogues Lunch Sessions. 

Our aim is to create a safe space, where our community can share their thoughts, concerns, emotions and views. We will explore shared values and allow space for pluralism. We want to rebuild trust together and to learn how we can work together again towards a common future. 

During these lunch sessions, we invite you as a member of the UvA community to participate. To foster dialogue and collaboration, we will invite several guest speakers who will facilitate these sessions with practical tools. 

Each of these six sessions will have its own focus: 

  • The impact of the crisis on our UvA community (Lunch session #1)
  • Rebuilding trust (Lunch session #2)
  • Common ground - what connects us? (Lunch session #3)
  • Dealing with division - what to do if we disagree? | Part 1 (Lunch session #4)
  • From division to pluralism - what to do when we continue to disagree? (part 2) (Lunch session #5)
  • Towards a shared future - how do we move forward together? (Lunch session #6)

Practical information

Are you a student or staff member at UvA? Then we invite you to join us in one or more of these Campus Dialogues lunch sessions. Lunch will be provided at no cost. 

Registration required

To ensure a safe space, we have to limit the number of participants. Registration is therefore required.